Crunch Time – Lisa’s Update

Being a personal trainer doesn’t automatically exempt you from dealing with life situations and having to work at maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I’m sure there would be a lot more personal trainers if it did! So, after an absence of blogs (due to getting caught up with ‘life stuff’) let

Running in the rain!

So the rain had been around all weekend and as the start time for the Twilight Festival Half Marathon approached, my support crowd started opting for positions on the couch rather than around the track… can’t say I blame them at all! Poor Kev did not have the luxury of

Basics of a healthy lifestyle

Maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle contains a number of factors. Physically these include exercise and healthy eating and mentally it includes reducing stress and being happy with where we are at in life! You’ve all heard of creating a budget to get your finances on track, now I’d like to