Being a personal trainer doesn’t automatically exempt you from dealing with life situations and having to work at maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I’m sure there would be a lot more personal trainers if it did! So, after an absence of blogs (due to getting caught up with ‘life stuff’) let me fill you in on where I am at!
Rewind the clock 12 months and I was living on a yacht, which was moored in Scarborough Harbour and therefore I had a great running/cycling track at my doorstep. I was running regularly as we had a Sea Breeze Training team entering the Jetty 2 Jetty and I was signed up for the ½ marathon. I was also smashing out the workouts in the gym and eating really well. I was also in a really great space mentally. So all in all, my lifestyle was pretty good, my weight was where I was happy with it and my wellbeing was great!

Life ‘stuff’!

Life ‘stuff’ is a term that I use for a series of events that happen in life that each, individually, are usually just cobblestones in the road of life that we easily deal with. Only now, someone has come along and made a nice little wall with them so that we have to deal with all of them together!
So, as a result of our ‘life stuff’, we made a few decisions that meant it was time for another major change in our life!

Dealing with Change

Having moved around a lot when I was growing up, I then spent time in the military, so again was changing jobs and locations regularly. So I’m pretty good at dealing with change… or so I have lead myself to believe all of these years! What I’ve come to realise over the last year though is that while I adapt well to new environments/situations the change really does throw my personal routine and that it takes a while for me to form a new routine and that the older I am getting, the longer it is taking!
Our major change involved selling our yacht and moving into a house, which on the face of it (and writing it now), seems like nothing major at all! However, the move alone wasn’t all that was involved. It now meant that we had to reassess what we were going to do with our future since ‘sailing off into the sunset’ isn’t really an option without a boat! Even though it wasn’t something that we were really examining, looking back now, the uncertainty really did add a layer of stress that I hadn’t realised was even there!

The Move

After all the moving that I had gone through growing up and then in the military, I had been happy in the fact that I was not going to have to move my stuff off the boat! That was deflating to have to do!
While we were now in a situation where we would have to acquire the usual household furnishings that are ‘built in’ on a boat (lounge suite, dining table and chairs, bed, fridge…), we also had to fit everything we had on the boat into a house. It is surprising to those that have never lived on a boat as to how much storage there actually is! There are so many nooks and crannies under seats, in hull spaces etc, that you just can’t replicate that storage in a house without lots of bookcases and drawers! Fortunately, we found a place has a couple of sheds despite it not having a lot of storage area built into the house! I did struggle fitting all of my kitchenware into the kitchen and the new bookcase was filled instantly!

The Excuse!

In times of change and uncertainty, comes the stress of having to deal with the process of change and maintaining the status quo of what you want maintained. In these situations it is really easy to let anything that requires a bit of planning to slide in favour of trying to push forward with dealing with the stuff you don’t really want to deal with, thinking that you’ll get back into routine once the dust has settled.
For change to be implemented effectively, you need to have a plan in place to deal with the transition. While this is great in theory and can be implemented quite well in the business world where the change is being driven, when it comes to our own lives, we either don’t think of changes in our lives as needing planning, or they happen unexpectedly, so there is no time for planning.
I just didn’t want to think about it as I may have to actually acknowledge how big this change actually was. So, I would just get on with the move and re-organise myself after that. Oh, then there was Christmas to organise, so I’ll just get that out of the way….

Time Flies!

The theory was good! The reality is that I have spent the last eight months trying to find my rhythm again! I’ve found it really difficult to be organised, which for me has a huge effect on eating well and exercising regularly. My routine of a healthy lifestyle generally involves developing a workout and menu plan for each week. I can manage without a strict plan as long as I have given it a bit of thought and have at least done a decent grocery shop. What I hadn’t realised until this week though, is that I really wasn’t in my optimal space mentally and therefore didn’t give as much thought and dedication to looking after myself as I should.
So eight months have flown by with me pretty much telling myself that ‘this week I’ll get back into it’! Time to eat more sensibly, add structure to my workouts and add more ‘me’ time to my schedule that is aimed at mindfulness rather than watching TV and indulging in a nice glass of white! As such, I haven’t completely lost the plot, but certainly am not where I was this time last year!

Crunch Time!

This week has been pretty good and I think I am finally in the right mental space to really focus on eliminating all of the ‘bad’ stuff and reducing the ‘not so good’ stuff and really focusing on the ‘good’ stuff of a healthy lifestyle.
I have set Monday, 4th July 2016 as my ‘official’ start date as it ties in with the way my working week is scheduled. Don’t get me wrong, I have already started, but Monday will be weigh in and measurements day and give me the time to clean out the fridge and pantry, write my menu plan and shop for it as well as set some short and long term lifestyle goals!
I’ve also set this date because I have been training Mark Turahui for the last couple of months to help him on his lifestyle change journey and he is also in need of an ‘official’ start date.
Stay tuned to this blog to watch the journey and find out how you can join us!

Written by: Lisa Hawthorne

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