As you would have seen in one of my previous posts, I’ve been struggling with getting back on track and to returning to the fantastically healthy lifestyle that I had attained early last year after a series of ‘life stuff’ happening. I put it out there that Mon, 4th July was my start date for making it happen! So week 2 is now drawing to a close and it is really all starting to come together for a true beginning of a new journey!
A truly healthy lifestyle isn’t just about exercise and eating well, it also includes mental wellbeing. Mental wellbeing is really about how you are feeling and how you are coping with the issues that life throws at you. To be honest, I have been quite off balance in that area which is why I have been haphazard with my eating and exercise and how I slipped away from the great spot that I was in!
In week 1, I threw a bit more dedication into exercise and was more focused on what I was eating, but I hadn’t addressed my mental wellbeing. This past week has been more dedicated to that area of returning to a healthy lifestyle!
So I have really been focused on getting to bed at a reasonable time and trying to regain some consistency with my sleep patterns, putting some planning into my schedule so that I prep meals ahead of time when needed and focusing a little more on mindfulness. This week also happened to be one of those times where things just seem to magically line up!
One of the most inspiring and helpful events that occurred was seeing a friend’s Facebook post early in the week. In it she mentioned her Harmonising Energy sessions with Margaret Saunders and how the sessions had really helped her. Towards the end of the post I started skim reading as I was doing my usual thing of trying to limit how much time I actually spend on Facebook. I liked her post to let her know that I was happy that she had found something that was working out for her and put it aside as something to discuss with her when we caught up. It wasn’t until later when I got notification of reactions to the post and a message from Margaret that I realised that Margaret was offering anyone that liked the post a free Harmonising Energy session! So that made me go back and re-read my friend’s post a little more intently and to consider the offer! It certainly couldn’t hurt, so I booked a session for Friday.
Then, midweek, I had a couple of connections with colleagues that really helped me refocus on some of the aspects of my business that I am working on and on the study that I am doing. Gaining that refocus really helped with me starting to prioritise my ‘to do’ list and go back to using a project management style system to organise said ‘to do’ list! Organisation! One of the key ingredients in having a balanced mindset!
So my scattered mindspace was starting to realign and then I had my session with Margaret. In this short session, Margaret really helped me to focus on some key elements that I really needed to direct more positive energy towards in order to continue tidying up my cluttered mental space and really get back on track with getting everything back in balance.
The session left me feeling both pretty relaxed and, at that same time, pretty pumped up to get stuck into reorganising my routine to make it more healthy. As a result, this weekend has been pretty jam packed with smashing through quite a number of items on my ‘to do’ list, getting to the markets for some really great produce for my week’s menu plan (that I will be finalising next!) and catching up with family! While I think of everything that I have done this weekend it sounds pretty exhausting, but I am really feeling quite energised and ready to tackle the week ahead full steam ahead!
Have a great week everyone, and here’s to some positive energy and some mental wellbeing in your week!

If you would like a free Harmonising Energy session with Margaret Saunders, share this post on Facebook and tag both Margaret (you’ll need to find Margaret on Facebook) and myself (Lisa Hawthorne) in your post. Margaret will then contact you to arrange a session. 

Written by: Lisa Hawthorne

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