Exercise no. 1

Standing Knee Raise

Up, two, three, four! Get those knees up in front! Also know as ‘high knees’ or ‘marching on the spot’. A great exercise for elevating your heart rate without the use of any equipment!

Exercise no. 2

Walkout to Push Up

Pretty sure that this one is related to the burpee! This exercise uses a full range of muscles, so it’s a great cardio workout! Burn calories, burn!

Exercise no. 3

Lateral Jumps

It’s just a jump to the left, then the a… okay, well not quite time warping, but side to side jumps!

Exercise no. 4


A simple exercise that you can perform without any equipment, crunches work your upper abdominals.

Exercise no. 5

Standing toe touches

Touching your toes from standing with a leg raise! Add a bit of cardio to being able to touch your toes!

Exercise no. 6

Push Ups

Strength conditioner for the chest and triceps, bonus calorie burn! Performing push ups regularly will also contribute to your core stability.

Exercise no. 7


Lunges are a great lower body workout. If you find that you are getting knee pain when performing lunges, it could be because you are not performing them correctly.

Exercise no. 8

Flutter Kicks

Your lower abs will know they are alive with this one!

Exercise no. 9


A multi-part, explosive movement incorporating multiple muscles… burn calories, burn! This is an exercise that we all love to hate! Do it often enough though and it will become one of your best friends!

Exercise no. 10

Bench Dips

Focusing on the triceps, this exercise uses your bodyweight, so you all you need is a bench that is sturdy enough to hold your weight without moving as you perform the exercise.

Exercise no. 11


Burn those calories anywhere, anytime with a great quad workout!

Exercise no. 12


The plank is a great exercise for building core strength. It also engages a lot of other muscles as well, so is great for all over strengthening.

Workout Format

1. Complete 10 repeititions of each exercise (10 each side for exercises 1, 3, 5, 7 and 8).

2. Move straight onto the next exercise.

3. After you have completed all 12 exercises, rest for 2-3 minutes.

4. Repeat until you have completed 2-5 rounds depending on your fitness level.

Equipment required

This workout does not require any equipment, however you may wish to use a mat for the floor exercises.

You can add the use of weights to increase the intensity of some of the exercises.

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