Sea Breeze Training In Action!

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Generic Workouts

If you are just looking at adding some variety to your existing workouts, then become a SBT Member to access some great workouts! Choose sessions based on the time you have available or to do at home or gym!

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Personal Programs

Your goals are personal, so we take a personal approach to helping you achieve them! We work with you on a personal level to determine the best program for you as an individual taking into account your current lifestyle.


We are both really happy with the progress in our general fitness, health, and energy levels. Lisa has made a huge difference and we look forward to continuing that. Lisa really mixes up the workouts and does not just come along with the same old same old each session.
Doug and Donna Flockhart Scarborough
I would highly recommend Lisa as a personal trainer; she has a very positive attitude, always makes the most of a bad situation and provides inspiration and encouragement that is hard to find in the industry. Her knowledge of both physical activities and diet have helped me achieve my goals and I have gained a really good friend out of training with her.
Keenan Dermody Bribie Island
Lisa’s strategies and tips really helped to get me moving.. ..and my dogs are loving it...
Shylea Ulrick Country 2 Coast Financial Planning, Canberra
Thanks to Lisa not only did she assist with my health and fitness goals, I am also continuing to apply learnt behaviours to my everyday lifestyle.
Georgette Parkkinen Canberra
You make training fun & I love the fact you make everyone feel great about themselves & what they achieve no matter what level of fitness.
Ann Hayes Allured at Anne’s Hair Studio, Margate
Lisa is amazing and has been the support behind transforming my worn-out body into a strong and healthy one. Lisa not only takes the time to understand where I am at physically but also what I want to achieve and maintain.
Sarah Irwin Margate
I love my PT sessions with Lisa :) I appreciate that you knew nothing about Roller Derby but have managed to incorporate everything I need to skate faster, for longer and hit harder.
Krystal Simmons Margate